When many travel alternatives are available for customers to choose from, gaining their loyalty should be the primary focus of any travel company. By providing the mode of travel that best fits customer needs, railways will continue to be a vital part of the international traveller's journey.


Railways are the most dependable mode of transportation in the world. They are more organized than the alternatives, having fixed schedules that, regardless of weather conditions,  provide more certainty and regularity, as well as the unique and unforgettable experience of travelling by rail.

Railway is also unlocking new tourist destinations that are not easily accessible by air, like the Amazon, Tibet, and Alaska, making leisure travels from beaches to hill stations possible. 

When the entry hub to the destination is the centre of the city, railway is ideal for business travellers, shortening the travel time with better satisfaction and comfort while cutting the hidden transport expenses in transits and taxi fare.

  “ The demand of railways will increase by 39 percent over 2016 levels ” 
                                                    VP, CISCO  


With innovations in technology and the integration of booking services into a single platform, providing customer’s a single itinerary for the complete door to door travel is finally possible, granting customer’s a unique experience and earning their loyalty.

RAILyourWAY an Amadeus technology platform, easily integrates into your booking process, bringing the flexibility to compare rail to air alternatives and book directly, making one single itinerary for the multi-modal journey.

Having one interface and one sales system for booking, RAILyourWAY bypasses the requirement maintain link with each company. Optimised travel planning is the key to better revenue generation, and with the potential of railways increasing internationally, RAILyourWAY provides the opportunity to attract foreign travellers.

                   “ For travel agencies, it is important that the travelling 
                     experience is best suited for their clients. ”

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